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I took advantage of all the resources available to student athletes.  We had rigorous training schedules. Strength and conditioning coaches, academic advisors, team physicians and an athletic trainer, who contributed to our success in and out of the arena. Learning to interact with one another proved to form an overall stronger team. It is so important to stay composed, mentally tough and resilient during competitions, as each University has their own horses that are to be ridden. With my experience at the racetrack I feel I was better able to gauge the horses personalities and did not find the pressure to be too daunting as in the discipline of Eventing there is always a competitive pressure, it is the nature of the sport. Now for the fun part! We travelled and had meals together, we laughed, we gave and received gifts from one another. I was even able to celebrate my 22nd birthday in Lake Tahoe with all my team singing Happy Birthday, one of my mates baked a delicious cake!  I absolutely enjoyed my seasons on the D1 equestrian team and made friends of a lifetime. I reflect on my time being a collegiate athlete with joy and accomplishment. The camaraderie I shared with my fellow equestrian team mates and the experience of encouraging others to achieve their goals has been so enriching. As an alumni, I look forward to giving back! The D1 Equestrian Team truly made my University experience all the richer! Go Ags!

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