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Making of a Five Star Horse and Rider

My mount Elfenwind sold to a young rider October of 2016 and come January 2017, I traveled abroad in search of my next partner, accompanied by my longtime mentor and trainer, U.S. Olympian Gina Miles. We traveled to Ireland and attended the Monart Horse Sale in Limerick where I viewed hundreds of prospects. I kept in contact with my home veterinarian, Dr. Jamie Textor as she reviewed X-rays in a more thorough fashion, consequently many desired horses were eliminated in this phase. I also had the experience of riding at  many top Irish yards, Ringwood, Ballingowan, Sportsfield and Greenfort to name a few. Our next stops we met up with Kathy Hormann in Germany and Austria. I admired the professional and organized way their farms were run, in complete consideration of the horses welfare and soundness. I was able to hone in on a few top prospects and would head home and await thorough vet checks of my top picks. Upon arriving home I continued my search for sponsorships and was beyond fortunate to have Chase Chevrolet join my Team. Their generous donation has allowed me to purchase and import my top pick. Rogadina, a 2012 mare by Olympic Fire x Sandro x Landgraf I. Rogadina and I have been laying the groundwork with Five Star Rider British Coach, James Alliston, who has guided us successfully to the FEI CCI-2 Star level. Rogadina is extremely scopey, brave, and has all the makings of a five star horse with Olympic and International potential.



Being a NCAA/EA collegiate student equestrian athlete at the University of California at Davis was very different from my individual competitive riding experiences. I obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Managerial Economics which is also a STEM degree with a strong emphasis on advanced mathematics, so managing my riding time with my studies was of paramount importance.


I wanted to share my expertise with young riders, so they could experience the unencumbered feeling of riding outside and feeling the bond with a 1200-pound animal. I have made available in my community an affordable way young girls can experience horses without having to be in a costly equestrian program. My sister and I offer English riding lessons, and two Equestrian Summer Camps, with a cap of 20 girls per camp.

Moore Equestrian Summer Campers 2017!!.j


Racehorses have their own personal riders to develop skills needed to race and keep them in top physical condition. I started exercising race horses at the Pleasanton Horse Racetrack summer of 2015. I was fortunate to be able to jump right in and not have to start at the bottom because of my advanced riding abilities. I worked diligently and received my California Horse Racing Exercise Rider License.


Madeleine Riding Highlights

2019 United States Eventing Association Area VI Leaderboard Preliminary Amateur Rider Preliminary 8th

2018-2019 NCAA Division 1 Athlete - UC Davis - Equestrian Team - Hunt Seat Rider

2017 United States Eventing Association Area VI Leaderboard Young Adult Rider Training 7th
​2017 United States Eventing Association Area VI  Leaderboard Young Adult Rider Novice 9th
2016 United States Eventing Association Area VI  Leaderboard Young Adult Rider Preliminary 3rd
2015-2017 California Horse Racing Board Exercise Rider
2014 JK Presents 1.15 Jumper Reserve Champion
2014 HITS Thermal 1.10 Adult Jumper Champion


2022 Madeleine & Rogadina

Twin Rivers Spring International Preliminary Place: 3

The Spring Event at Woodside Intermediate Place: 5

2021 Madeleine & Rogadina

The Spring Event at Woodside HT Preliminary Challenge Place: 5

The Summer Event at Woodside HT Intermediate Place: 6

2020 Madeleine On Rogadina & Caligulove

Twin Rivers Winter HT 

  • Rogadina Preliminary Place: 3

  • Caligulove Training Place: 7

2019 Madeleine & Rogadina Results ​

Twin Rivers Fall HT CCI2-S Place: 5 

The Summer Event at Woodside Preliminary Place: 2

Twin Rivers Summer HT Preliminary Rider Place: 1

Fresno County Horse Park HT Preliminary Rider Place: 4

2019 Sophina & Caligulove Results

Twin Rivers Fall HT Novice Place: 5 

The Summer Event at Woodside Novice Place: 1

Twin Rivers Summer HT Novice Place: 7

The Spring Event at Woodside Novice Place: 10

Fresno County Horse Park HT Novice Place: 11

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