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I love to impart my horsemanship knowledge upon the young riders. We study parts of the horse, and various physical aspects of horses. We provide young people a safe environment where they can be themselves, and relax without judgement.  Our riders have a great time learning to ride, and are responsible for the jobs required to take care of and ride the horse. Taking care of horses takes a lot of dedication, feeding, mucking stalls, grooming, tacking up, riding, and cleaning the gear, it always amazes me how eager and joyful the students are taking part in these unglamorous responsibilities. Who would have thought cleaning manure would be fun! The great British Nobel Peace Prize winner, Winston Churchill once said, “No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.”  Although the young riders time in the saddle is limited I truly feel riding has made a difference in their confidence and empowered them to step out of their comfort zone. I feel thankful to pay it forward, teach and spend time with younger girls. Watching them progress from walk, trot, to canter and see their confidence blossom is priceless. The girls and their parents are always so grateful for the opportunity, which feels so rewarding.

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