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Controlling a 1200lb animal can be challenging exercise riders find a way to become a team and work with the horse to get ideal results. Working with the horse requires strength, which is developed every ride.  I work with various trainers and I exercise up to 10 racehorses each morning, 6 days per week. The Thoroughbreds are anywhere between 2 and 7 years old. My mornings start early, as the track is open from 6am-10am. Once a trainer likes the way you fit into his horses program you generally keep the ride on that horse. I think my reputation at the track would be that I am assertive with my horse, but very giving, and allowing him to learn his strengths without getting in the way of him/herself. I am also very light but strong, so I am easy on the horses backs. It’s been exciting to watch my horses progress and I have even been fortunate to have a few in the winner's circle! Galloping a racehorse is by far the best part about being an exercise rider. Nothing beats the early morning sunrises, the steady beat of a powerful Thoroughbred, and the feeling of being one with your horse.

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